5 Online 医疗保健 项目 to Consider



医疗保健是 $4.1万亿年 美国的工业.S. 与一个 比平均增长率快得多 预测到2030年. If you want a career with stability and growth—that also lets you help others—the healthcare industry checks all the boxes. And you can gain the education and training you need for many jobs online. Whether you want to enter healthcare as a brand-new career or advance in your healthcare profession, there are numerous certificate and degree programs you can take at every level. Here are just a few 在线医疗保健计划 to consider, depending on where you are now in your career and what your long-term goals might be:

1. 在线医疗编码计划

Coders assign alpha-numeric codes to medical diagnoses, procedures, and treatments. These universal codes help patients receive the benefits they’re entitled to and make sure providers get paid for their services. Coders work in a variety of healthcare settings such as physician offices, multispecialty诊所, 养老院, 手术中心, 卫生保健系统, 保险公司, 和医疗. An 在线医疗编码计划 allows you to focus on one aspect of billing and coding. 你的程序应该教你如何:

  • Assign ICD and CPT codes on patient records
  • Collect, analyze, and maintain health records
  • Apply healthcare billing and reimbursement processes
  • Prepare for the Certified Coding Associate exam
  • Create a professional development plan to maintain certification

2. Online Medical Billing and Coding Program

Medical billers and coders determine how much a patient or insurance company owes for medical services based on the procedures provided and bills accordingly. Like coders, they can work across healthcare organizations and with insurance companies. An online Medical Billing and Coding diploma program 将教你如何:

  • 完整的保险索赔
  • Code patient diagnoses 和医疗, surgical, and diagnostic services
  • 处理病人和保险账单
  • Comply 与一个ll government and insurance regulations
  • Coordinate communication among healthcare providers, insurance companies, and patients

3. Online Medical Administrative Assistant Program

All medical offices need trained professionals to ensure patients are well taken care of and the appropriate records are kept. An online Medical Administrative Assistant Associate degree will teach you the skills you need to work in a variety of healthcare settings including hospitals, 门诊中心, 医生的办公室, 康复设施, 辅助生活中心, 还有养老院. In a medical administrative assistant training program,你将学会如何:

  • 使用医疗软件预约
  • 安排住院时间
  • Provide medical transcription and record management
  • Code for insurance, customer billing and collections
  • Ensure office compliance with state and federal regulations

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for medical assistants is projected to grow 比平均速度快得多 到2030年.

4. Online Medical Staff Services 管理 Program

Whether it’s a huge hospital complex or a group physicians’ practice, healthcare facilities need to be well-staffed with properly credentialed professionals. And someone needs to make sure that all the documentation is accurate and up to date. An online Medical Staff Services 管理 Associate degree program 会教你如何:

  • 文档的教育, 许可, 经验, and continuing education requirements for physicians, 盟军的健康, 和其他从业者
  • Perform initial reappointment, and delineation of privileges processes
  • Maintain compliance with medical staff services accreditation and regulatory standards
  • Coordinate processes related to medical staff bylaws, policies, and rules and regulations

5. 在线医疗保健管理计划

If you’re looking for a career that combines the medical and business sides of healthcare, a career as a 医疗保健 Manager would provide you with both. 有一个 soaring need for medical and health services managerS是因为婴儿潮一代的老化, 科技创新, 新的报告要求, and the large increase in walk-in medical centers. 医疗保健经理在医院工作, 养老院, 诊所, and doctors’ offices to ensure everything functions as smoothly as possible. 你可能会管理整个设施, 科室:特定的临床区域或科室, or a medical practice for a group of physicians. 在一个 online Bachelor’s Degree in 医疗保健 管理 Degree program,你将学会如何:

  • Hire and supervise healthcare and support professionals
  • Develop effective communication and relationship management skills
  • Create plans for ongoing staff professional development
  • 建立和维护预算
  • 设计和实施战略计划
  • Ensure regulatory requirements are followed

根据 美国.S. Department of Labor, 医疗保健 Manager jobs are projected to grow 比平均速度快得多 到2030年.

The most direct way to become a 医疗保健 Manager is to obtain a Bachelor’s degree specializing in 医疗保健 管理 and then find entry-level healthcare work. Medical 经验 in an administrative or a clinical role in a healthcare facility will also help when you seek a job in this field.

At 美国国立大学, we offer a variety of 在线医疗保健计划 that will help prepare you for a rewarding career. Call 800-209-0182 to speak to a counselor or fill out the form to request more information.


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